School websites

About Me
I teach the computing curriculum, provide ICT support and technical advice at Sacred Heart School, Battersea.  My school wanted a new website but we were not impressed by the services offered.   That is why I created an independent website service designing websites for schools and teachers.

Incorporating my experience in education I understand that although important, a website might not be on the top list of priorities for every school.   That is why from the first consultation service I will be there every step of the way to asses your website needs and offer advice when needed.

The Design Process
Before we meet I send you a simple checklist to give you an idea of what you will need for your website for compliance.  I believe a face to face consultation is the best way to discuss how to develop your site.  When I arrive, the design process has already started.  I will take in your school’s environment from the building, classroom, pupils and teachers because every school has a different identity and this will provide a platform to start the design process.  My background in education provides the necessary knowledge that reaches beyond the technical aspects of building a website.  I can advise you on what content maybe needed to meet OFSTED requirements and provide relevant information to all the readers of your new website.

Typical Website features

School news feeds that you control.

Fully working school diary that you control.

Twitter incorporation.

Translation services.

Media uploads.

Links to affiliated sites.

Websites that adapt for mobile devices.

Future services as they develop.


Support throughout the year – upload newsletters and update diaries for you until you are confident you can do this yourself.

Automatic updates and software improvements – keeping your website running as technology changes.

New products and services offered when available – when a new service becomes available we will let you know.

Website hosted via 2020 Media – a dedicated hosting company monitoring your site and providing regular backups.

Listening to your requirements – if there is a service you want let us know and we will accommodate you.


Still not sure?  Ask me a question.  I am always happy to help.